Local SEO A Brief Guide

July 15, 2024

Local SEO – A Brief Guide

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of many local internet marketing strategies that local businesses need to understand.

If you aren’t yet familiar with local SEO, it’s not too late – your business can still benefit from local search engine optimization.

What is local SEO, do I need it?

Local SEO is the process of optimising local search results.

It’s important because local searchers (people who are looking for local businesses like yours) can get better, more relevant search results if you make your local business easy to find online.

Of course, local SEO isn’t something that you can ignore – local Searchers will continue to use local search, local SEO is the way to ensure your local business does not get overlooked at your competitors expense.

It does not matter if your business is located in bustling cities like Manchester or Dublin, or a leafy village in Cheshire or Kildare.

Local SEO is a necessity for your business.

How To Optimise Your Website For Local Search

Optimising for local search results doesn’t always mean changing everything about your website.

Most local search optimisation takes place on your website, but there are some outside factors that will affect local SEO.

Website optimisation would include localising your website’s content, localising business information and addressing local search trends.

Optimising a website for local search is a long-term strategy that requires constant monitoring and tweaking.

Off-page optimisation would include adding your company information to local business directories, local citations and local links.

How local SEO is different from general SEO

Although they have a lot of similarities, there a few huge differences too.

The main difference between local SEO and general SEO is that local search is very localised, while organic search is more general in nature.

With localised searches, Google’s search results are dominated by local listings – including local map results.

Normal search results are less important when localised searches are concerned, although they are still relevant.

Using Google my Business to improve your Local SEO

When localising your website, Google my Business is a local search engine optimisation tool that local business owners should definitely utilise.

Google local listings are often displayed prominently in localised searches, so using this service will put you ahead of the competition and increase your traffic.

It’s also a place for local businesses to connect with local customers – through customer reviews. Google local listings can be a powerful local search engine optimisation tool if you make the effort to optimise correctly.

The benefits of a strong local SEO strategy

For local business owners, local SEO offers several benefits:

Increased online visibility

If done correctly, local SEO will see your website move ahead of your competitors into a position where more people see your business in search results.

More enquiries and sales

With your business now achieving lofty heights in search engine results, your business is now in front of more of your target audience. Theoretically, this means you should see more local customers enquiring or purchasing from your local business.

More qualified leads

Optimising your website for local SEO not only brings more traffic to your business, but a better quality of traffic. If Local SEO is done correctly, a plumber could show up for searches such as ‘plumber near me’ or ‘boiler engineer near me’.

Increased customer loyalty

Up to date local listings, providing answers to your customers questions reassures your audience they can turn to you for answers. An upto date local listing, with answers to questions around ongoing events will give the perception of a local business worth supporting.

These local SEO benefits can be directly connected long term benefits for your business.

The importance of localising website content for local search. Business localisation should go beyond localising your content for local search.

It would be wise to localise the whole website, ensuring that everything about your website is localised – including navigation buttons and features.

Hiring a digital marketing agency for local SEO

Simply put, digital marketing agencies will help your business improve its digital presence.

Whether the arena is search engines or social media, there are marketing agencies who can help you achieve your goals.

  • A digital marketing agency can help your business;
  • Achieve more visibility on search engines
  • More enquiries and sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Improved Cost per Acquisition

Finding the right digital marketing agency

Digital Marketing Agencies To Marketing Consultants.

Finding the right digital marketing agency can be tricky, as there are so much noise with everyone offering their services. But how do you know whether they will work for your needs?

The first port of call should be to ask whether they have hands on experience in your industry or sector. If they have, then they should be able to provide a case study with their performance.

If they don’t, then you have two options.

1) Find out if they have worked within any similar industries (again case studies should be provided)

2) Search for another digital marketing agency more suited to your requirements.

What To Avoid In A Digital Marketing Agency

Some digital marketing agencies will adopt a ‘one-size fits all’ blanket approach.

Avoid these companies with a passion.

You won’t get the results you need, if digital marketing agency is not catering for your specific needs.

In addition, be aware of digital marketers who promise short-term strategies with quick results. Whether it is PPC, SEO or even social media, tangible results only arrive with real-life data that is collected over a period of time.

Digital Marketing Done Right

If you want a company that can provide the power of a digital marketing agency, yet the attention to your business of a consultant, then you have come to the right place.

As a business, we made a conscious choice to keep a low ratio of clients to team members.

This was for one reason, maximum attention to all our clients.

You have placed your faith in our team to help achieve your digital goals, and we do not take that lightly.

Your business deserves the attention without being just another number, and that’s what we do best.

Our team love what they do, and it shows in our work.

Contact us today and partner with a digital marketing agency that cares.

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